Our Programs


Agriculture and Food Security

OHIU seeks to address food security by helping families meet their need for reliable source of quality food and sufficient resources to produce or purchase it. By addressing the root causes of hunger, the organization is increasing economic opportunity and growth among vulnerable communities.
Food security means: at all times having physical and economic access to sufficient  food for dietary requirements of a healthy life. A family is food secure when its members can access food in right quality and quantity. Food insecurity is normally rooted in poverty and has longterm impacts that hinder growth and development.Prolonged undernourishment stunts growth, slows cognitive development and increases susceptability to illness.
OHIU supports small holder farmers many of whom are women and youth through agronomic trainings, provision of inputs and value addition skilling for better livelihoods.

Maternal and Child Health, HIV/AIDS

In Uganda mothers are dying at an alarming and increasing rate of 490deaths per 100,000 live births. one out of every forty nine women die due to maternal /pregnancy complications and more 28% are of age between 15-24 years.
Women especially in rural Uganda face multiple barriers in accessing critical routiine and maternal health care . OHIU has designed the barriers into a "Three Delays Model": delay in deciding to seek care, delay in reaching care(transport barriers) and delay in receiving care(inadequate health attendants).
OHIU seeks to address the delays through support programs like senstization on seeking health care, family planning, child nutrition education, malaria prevetion , proper hygiene aamong others. we also look foward to bringing health services closer to the people in remote areas through a "Mobile Maternal Health Clinic".
Hiv/AIDS is being combatted through senstizing the masses on preventive measures , encouraging patients to seek medical care and fighting stigma.

Education and skilling

Education is fundamental for self resilience and development in any commuinity or economy as its transformational for individuals. It creates pathways for economic growth, health, sustainable enviroments and peaceful democratic societies.
Despite unprecedented increase in school enrollments in uganda over the years through government support programs like universal primary education  and secondry education, there is still a huge literacy gap. 
Majority of families are unpreviledged low income earners surviving from hand to mouth especially in rural areas and cannot afford educating children.
OHIU is doing its best through the ''stay in school campaign" that supports schools through provision of scholarlistic materials and senstization on school drop out factors like peer influence, sexual and meanstral health among others.
Uganda as a country has a high demand for hands on skills as compared to white collar jobs. OHIU is therefore skilling women and young people in several areas like agriculture, value addition, fashion and design, capentary, construction and many more basing on the area needs assesment.

Gender equality and women empowerment

Investing in gender equality and women empowerment can ublock human potential on a transformational scale. For a country to develop both men and women must have equal access to education, health care, technology and all resources.
Transforming the ways in which men and boys are engaged in women empowerment is very essential for longlasting social change.
OHIU is supporting women by encouraging them to challenge negative social and cultural definitions that limit their full potential success.
OHIU further promotes rights of all individualds to fight gender based violence and its harmful effects on individuals and communities. women are empowered through mindset change programs and skilling for improved human capital.

What We Do

Women empowerment and gender equality We eduacate and train hands on skills We promote maternal and child health and also fight HIV/AIDS We promote agriculture and food security.